Net Metering

The Lewes Board of Public Works welcomes new net metering service to all customers. Below are some of the guides for system sizing:

· Residential distributed systems cannot exceed a size of 25kW

· Commercial and Industrial distributed systems cannot exceed 500kW

· Farm distributed systems cannot exceed 100kW

Should the system being proposed require downstream or upstream upgrades, the customer is fully responsible for those costs as outlined in the Lewes BPW Electric Tarriff.

System Size and Eligibility

To qualify for net metering privileges, the system must be sized properly. Sizing is based on the customers’ most recent two-year average electric consumption (last 24 months). The system production must be less than 110% of that 2-year average consumption. If there is no history or if this is a new build, the customer or installer must provide an estimate based on fixture count and usage, considering the customer’s residency of the property. The BPW won’t approve a system that is oversized.


For generators, please utilize the same application as referenced above without filling in the information pertinent to the Net Metering. Also, the $200 application will not be applied as the review process is much less involved. Please have the installing contractor contact the BPW to schedule the disconnect/reconnect prior to the day of installation.

Interconnection application

Before construction can begin on a solar, wind or other type of distributed generation system the customer or installer must completely fill out and submit an interconnection application and pay the associated $200 application fee. The City of Lewes also requires a business license and building permit. Please send applications to or or call (302) 645-6228 with questions.

The interconnection application is submitted in 2 parts.

Part 1 must be filled out and submitted first with the following additional documentation as well as confirmation of payment of the $200 application fee.

1. Cut sheet (specification) for all hardware used in the project. This includes solar panels, inverters, microcontrollers, disconnects, racks etc.

2. A PV watts estimate (see and all information necessary to duplicate the estimate.

3. A one-line diagram showing the main connections and arrangement of the system components including the utility meter and system disconnect locations.

4. An aerial view showing the locations of the main components of the system on the property.

5. The application must be signed by the account holder.

6. Once all documents are submitted, the Lewes BPW will review the application. If all requirements are met, a signed part 1 will be returned to the customer/installer approving installation.

7. Installations in the City of Lewes also require a building permit and business license submitted through the building department at

Interconnection application can be found here.


Construction of the generation system can begin after the customer receives a signed part 1 application from the Lewes BPW, approving the installation, and approval is given from the City of Lewes Building Department.

System Disconnect

The Lewes BPW requires a system disconnect device be installed adjacent to the electric meter. This disconnect device must be clearly marked and accessible to the Lewes BPW at all times.

Permission to Operate – Part 2 of Interconnection Application

The customer/installer should not operate the system, even to test, until Lewes BPW has granted permission to operate.

When installation is complete the customer will fill out and submit Part 2 of the interconnection application along with proof of an electrical inspection per the NEC.

The BPW will inspect the installation to see that all is in order, change the customers billing status to net metering, and program/install the net meter to accept the returned energy. All meter locations must follow the BPW standards/specs and the BPW electric tariff.

If all requirements are met the Lewes BPW will sign off on part 2 of the application and return it to the customer/installer giving permission to operate the system.


We know this process might be overwhelming and you may have questions. That being said, please call our office and our staff will try and help with any questions you may have about the most up to date solar policies, legislation and/or process. We’re here to assist you with all your utility needs. Our office line is 302-645-6228 and we are open M-F from 8am to 4pm.