Lewes BPW takes pride in the high quality water that it’s facility produces and continues to meet the State and Federal standards for public health. Occasionally, you may see discolored water when turning on your faucet. Even though, discolored water may cause concern, the water is treated and safe.

Why do we see discolored water occasionally?

Sediment and mineral deposits settle in pipes over time, and can be displaced during testing on the water system. This includes hydrant flushing and testing. In addition to this routine testing, discolored water may appear during a water main break or other maintenance work on the water system.

Discoloration can also be caused by household plumbing, especially in older homes with galvanized pipes. It is most noticeable first thing in the morning or after long periods of low or no water use. It can also occur at seldom-used faucets.

What should I do during an event?

  • đź’§Lewes BPW suggests running COLD water for about five minutes or until the water runs clear.
  • đź’§Avoid using hot water to prevent drawing sediment into your water heater.
  • đź’§If discoloration only occurs with hot water use, flushing the hot water heater may resolve the issue.
  • đź’§Although safe to drink, Lewes BPW does not recommend doing laundry when discolored water is present. Water may stain clothes. Should clothing become stain, rewash clothes immediately with a rust remover product found at most local supermarkets. Refrain from using bleach as this will set the stain.
  • đź’§If discolored water persists longer after running cold water, please report to the Lewes BPW office at 302-645-6228 by call or text.

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